Multipeg Towers of Hanoi
Robert J. Swartz

I am a mathematician and computer programmer from Chicago.  I have a BA in Mathematics from Northeastern Illinois University,
and I am also Sun Certified.  Since 2000, I've been working on the Towers of Hanoi; I programmed the multipeg version in Java. 
The multipeg version involves 4 or more pegs, as opposed to the usual 3.  These pegs are enumerated as follows:  the initial peg,
the final peg, and 2 or more auxiliary pegs.  My algorithm for solving this puzzle is recursive and dynamic.  The puzzle software
can be found at the following link:  Multipeg Towers of Hanoi.  The format of the software is Java Archive (JAR); these can be
run by saving to your computer and double clicking on them.  Batch files can be used for error checking (see index).

The original version of my Towers of Hanoi software won fifth prize in the Quest for Java Contest.


Here are some images of the software window (see index).

Also, one can find links to other software projects I worked on:  Programs